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Travel Health Essentials

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Travelling abroad? Here are a few travel essentials tips to help you stay safe and healthy.


Pack the right clothes, depending on the destination of your vacation or business trip. Bring along winter clothing when you visit cooler climate destinations to keep you from catching a cold. Here are a few ideas of what to pack on your travels.

Food & Water Hygiene

Food poisoning can ruin a perfectly-planned trip. Take the necessary steps to prevent that from happening. Drink only boiled or bottled water and eat only cooked food so you don't get an upset tummy. For more information, visit Food Safety Information Council.

Comfortable Shoes

Bring along comfortable shoes that you can walk in. Leave your sandals behind unless you're going to a beach destination. Uncomfortable shoes can hurt your feet and spoil your holiday. Check out these travel shoes by Smarter Travel.

Prepare Your Own Trail Mix

A healthy blend of nuts, seeds and dried fruit provides plenty of energy for travellers! Dried cherries in a common trail mix can help reduce the effect of jetlag while the other ingredients give you energy for your trip. If you're packing your own trail mix, try these recipes.


Make sure you bring along necessary medication. Bring along common medication for food poisoning and Paracetamol as a precaution. If you have prescription medication, check the airline and airport regulations before packing your bag. For more details, visit CDC's Pack Smart page.

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