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If you happen to lose an item at the airport, you should firstly contact the relevant airline you are/were traveling with. It is strongly recommended that all travelers take up an appropriate travel insurance to cover any such losses that can occur as part of their journey.

If you have an inquiry about a lost or found item, here's what you can do:

Items Lost at Airport Terminal

The centre is located at Level 2, Main Terminal Building, KLIA (next to Food Garden entrance, from Car Park Block C& Block D). The centre will store items that are found within the airport terminal vicinity (excluding missing checked-in baggage and items lost in aircraft).

Items that are found should be handed over to the personnel in-charge at the Centre to be recorded and stored before it is collected by its owner or for 30 days before disposition.

Items Lost in Aircraft and Missing Checked-In Baggage

Please contact the ground handler of the airline for assistance.

KLIA Lost & Found Centre
+60 (3) 8776 4312
+60 (3) 8776 4229

After 5pm, weekends or
public holidays:

+60 (3) 8776 2000
Malaysia Airlines Lost & Found Office
+60 (3) 8776 3733
+60 (3) 8776 3742
+60 (3) 8776 3786
(Duty Officer)


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