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09 February 2018

Sepang- KLIA has been enjoying good growth in recent years for passenger traffic movements. For example, we reached the 50 million mark two years ago. In 2017, more than 28 million passed through KLIA Main Terminal alone. Therefore, we wish to ensure that we provide ample facilities for the convenience of the travelling public at our terminal.

Recently we announced that we are making a series of rapid improvements at the terminal. Migrating the staff parking from KLIA Main Terminal to the Long Term Car Park (LTCP) is one example. We had started this exercise in October last year where we had migrated about 1,000 airline staff and retailers.

Phase 2 of this exercise will take place in March 2018 and we had informed all affected staff in early January of our plan. This migration exercise that started last year itself will free up about1,800 parking bays that can be used by the public at KLIA Main Terminal. Nevertheless, we are also mindful of staff welfare in conducting this exercise. For Phase 2, a total of 3,000 employees will be involved comprising 2,400 from Malaysia Airports and 600 from various government agencies at KLIA. 

We have provided free shuttle service for all from LTCP to the terminal which runs at 10 minutes intervals 24/7. In fact, the Immigration and Customs Departments at KLIA are also providing their own shuttle service to augment our efforts and we are grateful for the support.

We hope all stakeholders will continue to give support in our efforts to enhance service level at KLIA and create joyful experiences at the airport.

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